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Book Hi-Pix to take your ground-based aerial photography


Hi-Pix Photography specialise in providing cost effective, creative commercial photography that is revolutionising the marketing of property and business. We can solve all your photographic requirements. 

Whether you need interior or exterior photography, ground level or Mast photography (Pole Photography), or you have a project requiring aerial or timelapse photography you only need to call one company, Hi-Pix Photography Ltd.

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  • Ground-Based Aerial Photography (Mast Photography, Pole Photography)
  • Commercial Photography
  • Residential / Property Photography
  • Time Lapse Photography
  • Photographic Roof Surveys
  • Drone Services
  • Agricultural Photography
  • Interior Photography
The Blog
13 June 2019

We were lucky enough to be invited to photograph some fantastic beasts in their Leicestershire Lair. You feel as if you should love them all equally as they are all immaculately presented marvels of engineering. But if pushed to choose between the ferocious roar of the Lamborghini or the understated V12 purr of a Bentley Convertible, it would... Continue reading

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