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What to do when the skip hasn't been moved?

09 January 2017

It's January and the number of sunny days are few and far between. So if the sun is making a rare appearance and the skip has still not been moved, it is not necessarily a problem!

Using Photoshop (a program written by pure geniuses in my opinion) the skip can be digitally removed. How hard a task this is depends on what is 'behind' the skip. The more complicated the background the more effort required to fix the problem. If it's just grass/trees in the background the problem is relatively straight forward.  In this example I reconstructed the wall/window using other parts of the image. If the background is very intricate I may take another photo behind the skip and apply digital magic to make it fit.

This of course works with any item you need removing, not just skips :)  

I've removed skips, caravans, cars, people, animals, trampolines, piles of building materials, rubbish, neighbours washing....go on, surprise me.

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