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How to make a great view even better!

27 February 2017

The view from a property can be a major selling point for a house as it comes on the market. In fact the view a property has can be one of the main 'hooks' that attract potential buyers and make them want to take the next step and do an actual viewing. When we photographed this particular house it would have been very easy just to take a picture of the view from the bedroom balcony....and it was a gorgeous view. However how much more tempting is it to have the view framed with the balcony doors? Maybe it becomes easier to imagine waking up each morning to that view. By linking the view to a part of the house  we subtly change things, and instead of just a 'stunning view' it becomes a 'house with a stunning view'. Oh and by the way don't forget reflections. Somehow a 'house with a stunning view' and the photographers feet reflected in the glass is not quite so attractive....and that is what photoshop is for! 

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