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Lambing Season and Drones

18 March 2017

When photographing farms and farmland the photo that quite often has the most impact is the one that shows the farm from a distance - the picture that shows the 'whole package' rather than the individual farm buildings. This is when it is great to use a drone. 
When flying drones, the proximity of any animals or livestock is always a concern, and it is considered carefully in the pre-job planning. At this time of year the sheep are brought closer to the farm as lambing season gets underway. For this particular job, the takeoff / landing point was in a field with no animals. The drone was taken up to 100m before moving across to where the photo was to be taken from. At that height the drone becomes a dot in the sky with almost zero noise.
We kept a close eye on the animals during the flight to watch for any sign of disturbance, and are happy to report that 'Spring frollicking' continued uninterrupted! (meaning the sheep, not the photographer!)

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