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Tollbar Project completed and running smooth

22 April 2017

After 3 years of visits to the A45 Tollbar roundabout near Coventry the project is now finished. The regular photography visits by Hi-Pix helped GallifordTry to document and project manage a major road development scheme. The photos kept stakeholders updated with the current progress and provided a clear reference when checking when the many project milestones were reached. At the beginning of the project a lot of time was spent discussing the possible vantage points to use, we were looking for positions which we would be able to access throughout the life of the project and that would show the important areas of development as they progressed. Not least we had to evaluate the safety aspects of the volume of traffic involved and consider the effects of the nearby airport. Close airport proximity meant we could expect low flying planes at any moment. So with a clear idea of plane flight paths and proposed traffic routing, safe operating heights for mast shots were set for the chosen areas. The scheme is now fully open and traffic is flowing much more freely. A great achievement from GallifordTry.

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