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22mph Gusts and it's time for 'Plan B'

16 May 2017

Sometimes (maybe often) the weather seems to be conspiring against photographers…..we try not to take it personally (but we do on our more 'paranoid' days). The sun may be shining, the sky blue, the property immaculately presented with freshly cut lawns but the wind just keeps blowing a force 5. What that means for us is that we won’t be taking off with a drone. Max recommended takeoff windspeed is a force 3 and to be honest we would like less wind. However, that is why we have a Plan B.
With a van mounted 26m mast, tested in Force 9 and above winds, we can still get the photos the client wants. A few years ago when the tail-end of Hurricane Katrina crossed Cornwall we were conducting site surveys in that region, photos that had to be delivered to meet a deadline. Using guy ropes, and locking off the upper sections we could still operate, albeit at a reduced height.
For the farm in the picture the mast was perfect for getting the money shot, and we didn’t even have to use guy ropes!

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