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Wisteria Hysteria

16 May 2017

If anyone had asked me a few years ago if my professional life is affected by flowers I’d have wondered which flower they had been sniffing. Although now I am a little older (much older according to my kids) and wiser (less wise according to my kids), and I know my professional life is affected by flowers. Wisteria Hysteria is here again!

It happens every year around this time. Conversations go along the lines of - don’t come yet ‘its’ not ready…..a few more days….a few more days….come now, it has to be now! And sure enough the beautiful purple blooms adorning many a fine house will be on display in the May sunshine making the house look it’s best. There is maybe a few more weeks in the season to go before the flowers disappear for another year. If you are thinking about putting the house up for sale in the near future now may be a good time to get the exterior shots done.

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