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Maybe we took the wrong junction off the M25?

17 May 2017

So if you are in a car following a large jet taxi-ing down a runway you start to wonder if you should have maybe taken a different turning off the M25! Airports are difficult places to get permission to take photos in, but sometimes it just has to be done. In this case Hi-Pix was helping inspect the radar antenna masts that provide the ground radar for the planes. Using cameras and portable masts we were able to take detailed photos of the installations to look for damage. All our equipment had to be passed through airport security and be x-rayed but it meant that the work could be done quickly, safely and without the need for costly scaffolding. 
There are special security entrances for employees/contractors that the armed Police also have to go through. On entering the Policeman was asked to put his machine gun into the x-ray machine, ‘why do you need to do that?’ the Policeman asked, ‘we check everything for dangerous objects explained the X-ray operative’….'it’s a machine gun' said the Policeman…'and no I’m not putting it through the @*$%!§ machine!!!' True story. Language edited slightly.

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