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Which is harder to photograph a group of horses or group of children?

08 July 2018

Having recently successfully photographed a group of 936 school children, when I was asked to photograph a group of 7 horses I thought how hard can that be? The client had a clear idea of what she wanted, all the horses stood shoulder to shoulder looking at the camera. Easy? That can be quite a challenge as I found out. School children when placed close together do not try to bite each others ears, or suddenly decide they must bend down and eat grass, at least generally speaking, there is always an exception in any group. With the aid of a megaphone children can be 'encouraged' to look in the right direction. Gut instinct told me that may not work with horses however intelligent they may be. But with a cleverly devised syncronised leading in of the horses to the required position and the help of 2 horse whisperers prepared to dive out of the way at the critical time we got the photo that was needed! Plus we also picked up some useful tips for the next school shoot.....I just need to find a place where I can borrow 936 sets of reins.

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